In my 20's and 30's I lived in So. Cal. and used to hang out at the famous surf spot called Brooks St. in Laguna Beach which was home to many designers who got their start in "Surf" and "Street" inspired clothing. Michael Thompson of Gotcha, Shawn Stussy from Stussy, Jack Denny from World Jungle and many others were good friends and world class surfers too. We hung out all day on the beach in nothing but swimsuits. Like many young girls, I loved to sew! I liked knits mostly because I didn't have to iron them, they packed easily for travel, were comfy and worked well for my casual beach lifestyle.

I moved to San Francisco in 1980 and began to work for Gotcha Sportswear selling swimwear. In time, I started my own small clothing lines: Wahumba Swamp and Reverent with the wonderful and inspired Joe Herschelle; LaDiablita and my first seamless clothing line out of Italy called 'Jeana & Dan' partnering with the creative Dan Sullivan and talented Gabriella Jiminez. For a period of time I made costumes for Archie Lee Bell’s dance company called “Future Culture” and “Funky Techno Tribe”.

During a vacation in Paris, my friend and I went to Salsa dance clubs and were excited to learn more about the dance when we got back to San Francisco. We registered at City College for the Latin Social Dance class taught by the great teacher Valerie Watson. When we arrived early for our first class session we caught the ending of the Afro-Haitian class. Seeing dancers and drummers together was an entirely new inspiration. I decided to make dance inspired seamless and knit clothing line called "jeanaG.".

I am still a student of cultural dance and drums and encourage all to participate....they are gifts from the beyond and feed the soul. jeanaG. clothing is knit, comfortable and cozy and moves with your body. The clothing can be worn for dance clothes, zumba clothes, yoga, or just lounging around. Enjoy!